My next lady, with minty green hair. #popart #painting

Nearly finished large scale pop art. Excited to get her hung up! #art #popart

Something I’m working on for my etsy #theloserclub

My sleepy baby boy cuddled up this morning. #lovehim

#tbt fun Friday night hangs from a while ago

Hanging out with this babe @lolamac999 and the strange bald guy next to is. Hope he buys us some drinks?!??👊

Really sexy date at the mall with this dude 😘



Anonymous: You seem like a shitty person.

Why’s that?

Anonymous: Do you regret cheating?

I don’t know. It was so long ago. And it was just a kiss. I honestly don’t really care.

Anonymous: A, B, L.

A- my dad… He said something mean about goober…
B- well, I did miss my ex, but it turns out he missed me too. So now he is taking me out on dates. It’s fun!!
L- I have told a big lie, and felt bad about it. But I never came clean. Sometimes the truth hurts the other person more then the guilt hurts you.

@laurenbowee  I thought about you the second I found this.